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About Us

Juliandate.net is committed to bringing you all the history and news regarding the Julian Date Calendar and the Julian Day. We have done the research and will continue to do it so that when you need to know anything about the Julian Date Calendar or Julian Days you will need only one source to find everything you would ever want to know. Want to know how to convert days from the Julian Date Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar? We will provide the formulas and a converter here for you. Want to know why the Julian Date Calendar fell out of favor? The history is here for you.

We will explain the role of Julius Caesar in the formulation of the Julian Date Calendar and then how Pope Gregory XIII declared it replaced by the Gregorian calendar that is still in use today. How did Leap Year come into being? How did we get the number of days we have in each month and the very names of the months? Juliandate.net is here to provide those answers for you.

Juliandate.net is the only source of information you will need in order to understand the formulas for conversion and the uses of the Julian Date Calendar in the field of astronomy. If you are not a mathematician, don't worry. We will translate and convert for you. We will explain how and why the Julian Date Calendar is used in astronomy.

So remember Juliandate.net is a group of experts in the Julian calendar here to provide you with all the information you need.